Monday, November 22, 2010

First Post - Random Thoughts

Welcome to the inaugural post on my new blog. Just to give the readers a little background, I have been a die-hard, lifelong Steeler Fan. I remember the good years for the 1st 4 Super Bowls with Terry Bradshaw, Franco, Rocky, Lynn Swann, and the Steel Curtain, the lean years afterwards, and finally back to winning again. I can count the games i have missed watching on one hand. Although there are thousands of opinions out there on blogs already, I have decided to give some of my thoughts on various Steeler subjects.
When we took the field Sunday at Heinz Field, one couldn't help but wonder were the Steelers in for another meltdown like last year. The offensive line was on 3rd stringers and even those were walking wounded. The pass rush had disappeared, along with the pass defense. But the players pulled up themselves up by their bootstraps and gave one dominating performance. Nothing was going to stop them this time, Not the Oakland team, not bad calls, nothing. It is good to see that performance on a bounce back from the worst game of the year, prolly in several years.
The Steelers have got one "apology" letter already this year, and seemingly another is in order for the Oakland Game. That was the worst officiated game i have ever seen in my life. I think half the penalty yardage was on bad calls
I was listening to NFL network radio Sunday and the announcers were dismissing the Seymour hit of Roethelsberger, saying it was a minor slap and called Roethlisberger a sissy and one other name i won't put on this blog. Although Jim Miller is one of my favorite announcers, I lost a little respect for him in that moment.
Anyway that's my thoughts for now, please feel free to post comments. Time for another strong performance Sunday.