Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't understand sometimes

I was reading a article on the Steelers on the Tribunes site today by Ken Laird
. It was concerning the Free Agents they thought the Steelers should sign.
My immediate thought was if we signed all these people we would probably be double the anticipated salary cap.
Lets look at a few of the ideas closer
Safety Bob Sanders - They mention teaming him up with Troy and using Ryan Clark to back them up since neither can stay healthy. #1 why would you pay the money it will cost to sign sander for a guy that has played 9 games in 3 years. #2 Troy and Sanders play very similar if we had them both in i think we would get burned in the passing game more than we do now. Ryan Clark covers for Troy's freelancing. It just isn't gonna work to play 2 freelancing safeties.
My Answer - The only way I can see you sign Sanders is if he would come cheap enough to be a backup for when Troy misses games, and there is no way he would take that kind of deal. He can start and get decent money elsewhere.
Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha - Nnamdi will be the highest paid corner in Free Agency this year, maybe making double what Ike Taylor will be willing to sign with the Steelers for.
My Answer - As much as the Steeler fan in would love to see him back there in the secondary, It just is not gonna happen. A possible alternative would be to let Ike go and sign Jonathon Joseph who will be more affordable, and upgrade over Ike, and would also put a dent in a division rival.
Linebacker Posluszny - While this would definitely upgrade the linebacker core for the immediate future, I am not sure this would be a long term upgrade with Jason Worilds, Stevenson Sylvestor waiting in the wings. Also we paid Harrison 51.75 million just gave Woodley approx 10 million this year and eventually a contract maybe above that of Harrison, and we have to pay Timmons next year.
My Answer - Too much money not enough gain at one position. No way.
Defensive Lineman Shaun Rodgers - While a possible upgrade at the backup spots. Def not an upgrade over Hampton, Aaron, Keisel, or Ziggy Hood and maybe not over Nick Eason. plus its suggested to offer him a salary half of his last contract. Doubt he will take that and paying 42 million for a backup that doesn't get you much younger at the position.
My answer - Too much money for short term spot player who doesn't always put out effort. We pass on this deal.
Tight End Jeremy Shockey - Really, make him an offer to keep him from going to play in Miami. When we already have Heath. I am sure Shockey would love to play in the colder Pittsburgh, play 2nd fiddle to Heath and block for the running game 70 percent more of the time than he did at New Orleans.
My Answer - not a Steeler move.
Running Back LeRon McClain - I would like to see him in a Steeler uniform, I think he is a tough back, but I can not see him coming to Pittsburgh to play Fullback in a system that does not use a fullback after complaining about not getting enough carries in Baltimore last year.
My Answer - Pittsburgh offense doesn't have room for someone that has to get a certain amount of touches to be happy. Who are you gonna bench Rashard, Redman, less passes to Wallace, Heinz, Heath. Not a fit.
Offensive Lineman Matt Light - The best idea of the bunch. I can not see New England letting him go, but stranger things have happened.
My Answer - Sure take a shot.
Reciever Santonio Holmes - Jets will not let him go and if they did Steelers would not take him back. Too much young talent at the position now.
My Answer - Not Happening
Quarterback Mike Vick - Really, REALLY. I am just curious whether the idea here was to pay a backup as much money as Ben, or getting rid of Ben.
My Answer - More chance of Terry Bradshaw playing this year.
Placekicker Adam Vinatieri - Would be a definite upgrade at kicker. Not sure Steelers would pay what it would take to get it done.
My Answer - Sure why not.