Monday, August 29, 2011

My uninformed 53 man roster prediction

Well we are just a few days past preseason game 3 with the Falcons. So i am gonna do a few random thoughts again and then my uninformed 53 man roster, which basically means my amateur take.

Random thought 1  I am amazed so many Steeler fans don't get the concept of Coach Lebeau's defense. It goes like this, stop the run, stop the splash plays, keep receivers in front of you, blitz the bejeezus outta the opposing QB. Oh almost forgot, hit hard. So many people let completions upset them too much.
Random though 2 (this one relates to 1) Our CBs are better than people give them credit for. The object is to keep them in front of you and not allow big plays. Pittsburgh was 2nd in the league in total defense (by 5 yards), 1st in the league in scoring defense, 1st in avg yds per play, tied for 2nd in 3rd down effiency, 1st in yards per pass play, 3rd in passing TDs, 5th in interceptions, 1st in pass plays over 20 yards, and 2nd in QB rating allowed. Lets fire that pass defense now.
Random thought 3 i am not predicting it but I would not be surprised if Antonio Brown had better stats this year than Mike Wallace. They are rolling a lot of coverage his way and Brown has definetly picked up his game this year.
Random thought 4 It didn't take long before hearing a major media personality say the Steeler's defense is too old to go to the Superbowl. Isn't that 6 years in a row we have been to old to go to the Superbowl.

Ok on to my uninformed 53 man roster

QB's Roethlisberger, Batch, Dixon-I do no think they will waste a roster spot to save for Leftwich, can be used much better elsewhere.
RB's Mendenhal, Redman, Moore, Dwyer-1st 2 are a lock, Moore became a lock with Baron Batch going down, and I think Dwyer has improved enough to make the roster.
WR Wallace, Ward, Sanders, Brown, Cotchery-I am going against the opinions here and say they only keep 5 recievers. Battles special teams I don't think are enough to keep him with 2 other veteran recievers on the squad.
TE's Miller, Johnson, Saunders-Heath is  the most underated TE in the league in a top 3 IMO, Ben threw the ball more against the Falcons to Johnson than he caught all last year, I think Saunders has show enough and has a huge upside and gets the nod here.
OL Colon, Hills, Pouncey, Kemoeatu, Scott, Legurskey, Foster, Essex, Gilbert-surprises of the preseason include Gilbert playing fairly well for a rookie and Hills most likely starting when it was thought he would make the team when some far off place froze over.
DL Smith, Hampton, Keisel, Hood, Hoke, Heyward -no surprises except maybe how well Heyward has played. Will be trying to prove they aren't too old.
LB Woodley, Timmons, Farrior, Harrison, Foote, Sylvester, Worilds, Ivey-perhabs my WVu bias comes in at the last spot but Ivey has had a great preseason. Carter is a possibility too.
S Polamalu Clark Mundy Allen-no surprises here.
CB Taylor, McFadden, Gay, Lewis, Allen, Brown, Butler, Warren-keeping 5 receivers allows them the extra body here and Warren has earned the spot.
K Suisham
P Sepulveda
LS Warren

Friday, August 12, 2011

Preseason Game 1 - Washington Redskins - 8/12/2011

Random thoughts 1st preseason game
  • Preseason is more about performances than victories, still would like to have looked better than that
  • Cameron Heyward look real good sometimes and ok sometimes. Definitely above the line for a rookie in his 1st preseason game.
  • Antonio Brown also played well
  • Anthony Gray looked real big
  • Dennis Dixon looked lost, if he couldn't run he wouldn't be considered at all as an NFL QB.
  • Kennan Lewis natural instincts, (ie dip his head and run) may be to much to overcome.
  • Marcus Gilbert, Williams looked better than expected. Tony Hills wasn't the worst lineman on the field tonight.
  • In my opinion Cromartie-Smith had some good plays tonight.
  • Warren may have been the playing the best of all the CB's on the field tonight.
  • Sylvester and Heyward will be  beasts one day soon
  • Seems telling I never saw Limas Sweed on the field tonight even in 3rd team scrub time.