Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Thoughts on the 1st day of legal proceedings

1. I listen to and read a lot of NFL coverage and have heard a lot of experts and have come to realize 2 things. 1st I don't have a clue what is the best outcome in these legal proceedings for us to get back to football quickly. and 2nd the experts have no more idea than I do.

2. Does anyone really win in this court case. It seems neither side will come out as well as they would have by negotiating?

3. Why do all these draft experts think the Steelers need to draft a receiver or a running back early?

4. Can the Pirates actually have a winning season this yea?. It appears Clint Hurdle is a much better manager than we have had since Jimmy Leyland. Maybe the players were not the only problem.

5. Best Steeler website and podcast is Steelers Depot . Do yourself a favor and go check it out. (Plus he is funny on twitter too)

6. Call me crazy, but here are the Steeler players I expect to be much improved next season; Antonio Brown (I think he will pass Manny  Sanders on depth chart), Keenan Lewis or Crezdon Butler (one of the 2 is starting by mid season), Isaac Redman (goodbye  Mewelde Moore), Doug Legurskey (starting guard by 2nd half of season), and Stevenson Sylvestor (in rotation at inside linebacker)

7. I do not think the Maurice Pouncey twitter account is for real. Why would he call his brother Mike Pouncey and not mike, or bro ro something and a reality show, really and I can not see him naming himself Probowler on his twitter name. Something don't seem right.

8. Follow Pat Kirwan on Sirius and on, very insightful.

9. More good reads for football, Peter King (MMQB and twitter), Vic Carucci (twitter), Adam Schefter.

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