Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mike Tomlins interview on Sirius radio Tuesday Jan 25th.

Welcome coach Tomlin. Lets start off with the 3rd down situation at the end of the game.

On several 3rd down situations in the game Ben had been key to converting with his arms and his legs. It was never in doubt to put the ball in his hands at the end of the game.

It was a good start by Mendehall in the Jets game.

I felt we were capable of running ball on the Jets. We had run well the 1st game but we just did not have enough opportunity's. We wanted to make sure we got them this time.

The offensive line played well in the Jets game.

Don't start praising them now, you haven't all year. They did what they have done all year, they competed, not always pretty but always physical.

Tell us about Doug Legurskey?

Very reliable player My biggest concern was not him playing center but loosing him as Fullback in short yardage situations he has done everything he has been asked to for us, has done whatever it takes all year.

What was your thoughts on the Jets play calling on the goal line?

I was surprised they didn't run it 3 or 4 times. It is a testaments to our defenses will to keep them out of the end zone in that situation.

Give us your thoughts on the play by Ike Taylor and Gay.

Ike nice job of timing the blitz and not just going for the sack but the strip. Nice job of gay of getting to the ball. Don't overlook Ziggy Hood and other for the blocking to get him to the end zone. TD is much better than a FG in that situation.

Ben's game stats weren't pleasing overall but he still made plays.

Ben is competitor with a strong will to win. He wants to deliver for his teammates. I looked at stat sheet afterwards was shocked, I thought he played a great game. Ben made plays when team needed them.

Where have you seen improvement in Ben off the field?

Anytime you go through a situation and things are taken away from you, you have increased appreciation for what you have. What is important is being able to put it behind you and march forward like a responsible person. Ben humility is definitely improved.

The Steeler run defense was sensation especially in 1st half.

The Jets desire to impose their will on teams and run , we thought it was important to stop them made an effort to minimize it.

Where do you start preparing for the Packers. Is last years game important?

We start with the present and go back. So much has changed. Last years game will be an element in preparation. They are an impressive group.

Is there an advantage in the Steeler experience in the playoffs and Superbowl?

The advantage is in the things leading up to the game, tickets, travel family and things not in the game itself.

Does familiarity with Dom Capers defense affect preparation?

We were familiar last year and it was a shootout. there are very few secrets in how teams are structured in NFL. Its all about execution.

Tomlin comments as he is leaving, don't start praising offensive line now.