Monday, August 29, 2011

My uninformed 53 man roster prediction

Well we are just a few days past preseason game 3 with the Falcons. So i am gonna do a few random thoughts again and then my uninformed 53 man roster, which basically means my amateur take.

Random thought 1  I am amazed so many Steeler fans don't get the concept of Coach Lebeau's defense. It goes like this, stop the run, stop the splash plays, keep receivers in front of you, blitz the bejeezus outta the opposing QB. Oh almost forgot, hit hard. So many people let completions upset them too much.
Random though 2 (this one relates to 1) Our CBs are better than people give them credit for. The object is to keep them in front of you and not allow big plays. Pittsburgh was 2nd in the league in total defense (by 5 yards), 1st in the league in scoring defense, 1st in avg yds per play, tied for 2nd in 3rd down effiency, 1st in yards per pass play, 3rd in passing TDs, 5th in interceptions, 1st in pass plays over 20 yards, and 2nd in QB rating allowed. Lets fire that pass defense now.
Random thought 3 i am not predicting it but I would not be surprised if Antonio Brown had better stats this year than Mike Wallace. They are rolling a lot of coverage his way and Brown has definetly picked up his game this year.
Random thought 4 It didn't take long before hearing a major media personality say the Steeler's defense is too old to go to the Superbowl. Isn't that 6 years in a row we have been to old to go to the Superbowl.

Ok on to my uninformed 53 man roster

QB's Roethlisberger, Batch, Dixon-I do no think they will waste a roster spot to save for Leftwich, can be used much better elsewhere.
RB's Mendenhal, Redman, Moore, Dwyer-1st 2 are a lock, Moore became a lock with Baron Batch going down, and I think Dwyer has improved enough to make the roster.
WR Wallace, Ward, Sanders, Brown, Cotchery-I am going against the opinions here and say they only keep 5 recievers. Battles special teams I don't think are enough to keep him with 2 other veteran recievers on the squad.
TE's Miller, Johnson, Saunders-Heath is  the most underated TE in the league in a top 3 IMO, Ben threw the ball more against the Falcons to Johnson than he caught all last year, I think Saunders has show enough and has a huge upside and gets the nod here.
OL Colon, Hills, Pouncey, Kemoeatu, Scott, Legurskey, Foster, Essex, Gilbert-surprises of the preseason include Gilbert playing fairly well for a rookie and Hills most likely starting when it was thought he would make the team when some far off place froze over.
DL Smith, Hampton, Keisel, Hood, Hoke, Heyward -no surprises except maybe how well Heyward has played. Will be trying to prove they aren't too old.
LB Woodley, Timmons, Farrior, Harrison, Foote, Sylvester, Worilds, Ivey-perhabs my WVu bias comes in at the last spot but Ivey has had a great preseason. Carter is a possibility too.
S Polamalu Clark Mundy Allen-no surprises here.
CB Taylor, McFadden, Gay, Lewis, Allen, Brown, Butler, Warren-keeping 5 receivers allows them the extra body here and Warren has earned the spot.
K Suisham
P Sepulveda
LS Warren

Friday, August 12, 2011

Preseason Game 1 - Washington Redskins - 8/12/2011

Random thoughts 1st preseason game
  • Preseason is more about performances than victories, still would like to have looked better than that
  • Cameron Heyward look real good sometimes and ok sometimes. Definitely above the line for a rookie in his 1st preseason game.
  • Antonio Brown also played well
  • Anthony Gray looked real big
  • Dennis Dixon looked lost, if he couldn't run he wouldn't be considered at all as an NFL QB.
  • Kennan Lewis natural instincts, (ie dip his head and run) may be to much to overcome.
  • Marcus Gilbert, Williams looked better than expected. Tony Hills wasn't the worst lineman on the field tonight.
  • In my opinion Cromartie-Smith had some good plays tonight.
  • Warren may have been the playing the best of all the CB's on the field tonight.
  • Sylvester and Heyward will be  beasts one day soon
  • Seems telling I never saw Limas Sweed on the field tonight even in 3rd team scrub time.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Thoughts on the 1st day of legal proceedings

1. I listen to and read a lot of NFL coverage and have heard a lot of experts and have come to realize 2 things. 1st I don't have a clue what is the best outcome in these legal proceedings for us to get back to football quickly. and 2nd the experts have no more idea than I do.

2. Does anyone really win in this court case. It seems neither side will come out as well as they would have by negotiating?

3. Why do all these draft experts think the Steelers need to draft a receiver or a running back early?

4. Can the Pirates actually have a winning season this yea?. It appears Clint Hurdle is a much better manager than we have had since Jimmy Leyland. Maybe the players were not the only problem.

5. Best Steeler website and podcast is Steelers Depot . Do yourself a favor and go check it out. (Plus he is funny on twitter too)

6. Call me crazy, but here are the Steeler players I expect to be much improved next season; Antonio Brown (I think he will pass Manny  Sanders on depth chart), Keenan Lewis or Crezdon Butler (one of the 2 is starting by mid season), Isaac Redman (goodbye  Mewelde Moore), Doug Legurskey (starting guard by 2nd half of season), and Stevenson Sylvestor (in rotation at inside linebacker)

7. I do not think the Maurice Pouncey twitter account is for real. Why would he call his brother Mike Pouncey and not mike, or bro ro something and a reality show, really and I can not see him naming himself Probowler on his twitter name. Something don't seem right.

8. Follow Pat Kirwan on Sirius and on, very insightful.

9. More good reads for football, Peter King (MMQB and twitter), Vic Carucci (twitter), Adam Schefter.

Feel free to comment

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't understand sometimes

I was reading a article on the Steelers on the Tribunes site today by Ken Laird
. It was concerning the Free Agents they thought the Steelers should sign.
My immediate thought was if we signed all these people we would probably be double the anticipated salary cap.
Lets look at a few of the ideas closer
Safety Bob Sanders - They mention teaming him up with Troy and using Ryan Clark to back them up since neither can stay healthy. #1 why would you pay the money it will cost to sign sander for a guy that has played 9 games in 3 years. #2 Troy and Sanders play very similar if we had them both in i think we would get burned in the passing game more than we do now. Ryan Clark covers for Troy's freelancing. It just isn't gonna work to play 2 freelancing safeties.
My Answer - The only way I can see you sign Sanders is if he would come cheap enough to be a backup for when Troy misses games, and there is no way he would take that kind of deal. He can start and get decent money elsewhere.
Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha - Nnamdi will be the highest paid corner in Free Agency this year, maybe making double what Ike Taylor will be willing to sign with the Steelers for.
My Answer - As much as the Steeler fan in would love to see him back there in the secondary, It just is not gonna happen. A possible alternative would be to let Ike go and sign Jonathon Joseph who will be more affordable, and upgrade over Ike, and would also put a dent in a division rival.
Linebacker Posluszny - While this would definitely upgrade the linebacker core for the immediate future, I am not sure this would be a long term upgrade with Jason Worilds, Stevenson Sylvestor waiting in the wings. Also we paid Harrison 51.75 million just gave Woodley approx 10 million this year and eventually a contract maybe above that of Harrison, and we have to pay Timmons next year.
My Answer - Too much money not enough gain at one position. No way.
Defensive Lineman Shaun Rodgers - While a possible upgrade at the backup spots. Def not an upgrade over Hampton, Aaron, Keisel, or Ziggy Hood and maybe not over Nick Eason. plus its suggested to offer him a salary half of his last contract. Doubt he will take that and paying 42 million for a backup that doesn't get you much younger at the position.
My answer - Too much money for short term spot player who doesn't always put out effort. We pass on this deal.
Tight End Jeremy Shockey - Really, make him an offer to keep him from going to play in Miami. When we already have Heath. I am sure Shockey would love to play in the colder Pittsburgh, play 2nd fiddle to Heath and block for the running game 70 percent more of the time than he did at New Orleans.
My Answer - not a Steeler move.
Running Back LeRon McClain - I would like to see him in a Steeler uniform, I think he is a tough back, but I can not see him coming to Pittsburgh to play Fullback in a system that does not use a fullback after complaining about not getting enough carries in Baltimore last year.
My Answer - Pittsburgh offense doesn't have room for someone that has to get a certain amount of touches to be happy. Who are you gonna bench Rashard, Redman, less passes to Wallace, Heinz, Heath. Not a fit.
Offensive Lineman Matt Light - The best idea of the bunch. I can not see New England letting him go, but stranger things have happened.
My Answer - Sure take a shot.
Reciever Santonio Holmes - Jets will not let him go and if they did Steelers would not take him back. Too much young talent at the position now.
My Answer - Not Happening
Quarterback Mike Vick - Really, REALLY. I am just curious whether the idea here was to pay a backup as much money as Ben, or getting rid of Ben.
My Answer - More chance of Terry Bradshaw playing this year.
Placekicker Adam Vinatieri - Would be a definite upgrade at kicker. Not sure Steelers would pay what it would take to get it done.
My Answer - Sure why not.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mike Tomlins interview on Sirius radio Tuesday Jan 25th.

Welcome coach Tomlin. Lets start off with the 3rd down situation at the end of the game.

On several 3rd down situations in the game Ben had been key to converting with his arms and his legs. It was never in doubt to put the ball in his hands at the end of the game.

It was a good start by Mendehall in the Jets game.

I felt we were capable of running ball on the Jets. We had run well the 1st game but we just did not have enough opportunity's. We wanted to make sure we got them this time.

The offensive line played well in the Jets game.

Don't start praising them now, you haven't all year. They did what they have done all year, they competed, not always pretty but always physical.

Tell us about Doug Legurskey?

Very reliable player My biggest concern was not him playing center but loosing him as Fullback in short yardage situations he has done everything he has been asked to for us, has done whatever it takes all year.

What was your thoughts on the Jets play calling on the goal line?

I was surprised they didn't run it 3 or 4 times. It is a testaments to our defenses will to keep them out of the end zone in that situation.

Give us your thoughts on the play by Ike Taylor and Gay.

Ike nice job of timing the blitz and not just going for the sack but the strip. Nice job of gay of getting to the ball. Don't overlook Ziggy Hood and other for the blocking to get him to the end zone. TD is much better than a FG in that situation.

Ben's game stats weren't pleasing overall but he still made plays.

Ben is competitor with a strong will to win. He wants to deliver for his teammates. I looked at stat sheet afterwards was shocked, I thought he played a great game. Ben made plays when team needed them.

Where have you seen improvement in Ben off the field?

Anytime you go through a situation and things are taken away from you, you have increased appreciation for what you have. What is important is being able to put it behind you and march forward like a responsible person. Ben humility is definitely improved.

The Steeler run defense was sensation especially in 1st half.

The Jets desire to impose their will on teams and run , we thought it was important to stop them made an effort to minimize it.

Where do you start preparing for the Packers. Is last years game important?

We start with the present and go back. So much has changed. Last years game will be an element in preparation. They are an impressive group.

Is there an advantage in the Steeler experience in the playoffs and Superbowl?

The advantage is in the things leading up to the game, tickets, travel family and things not in the game itself.

Does familiarity with Dom Capers defense affect preparation?

We were familiar last year and it was a shootout. there are very few secrets in how teams are structured in NFL. Its all about execution.

Tomlin comments as he is leaving, don't start praising offensive line now.