Friday, August 12, 2011

Preseason Game 1 - Washington Redskins - 8/12/2011

Random thoughts 1st preseason game
  • Preseason is more about performances than victories, still would like to have looked better than that
  • Cameron Heyward look real good sometimes and ok sometimes. Definitely above the line for a rookie in his 1st preseason game.
  • Antonio Brown also played well
  • Anthony Gray looked real big
  • Dennis Dixon looked lost, if he couldn't run he wouldn't be considered at all as an NFL QB.
  • Kennan Lewis natural instincts, (ie dip his head and run) may be to much to overcome.
  • Marcus Gilbert, Williams looked better than expected. Tony Hills wasn't the worst lineman on the field tonight.
  • In my opinion Cromartie-Smith had some good plays tonight.
  • Warren may have been the playing the best of all the CB's on the field tonight.
  • Sylvester and Heyward will be  beasts one day soon
  • Seems telling I never saw Limas Sweed on the field tonight even in 3rd team scrub time.

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